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VPOD Episode 42. Gov. Jim Gilmore. Oct. 9, 2008

The “Virginia Politics On-Demand” crew played host to former Virginia governor Jim Gilmore, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, on tonight’s podcast.

This past week, Gov. Gilmore has called on his opponent, former Virginia governor Mark Warner, to participate in one additional televised debate due to Warner’s support for the bailout bill. Gilmore has also called into question Warner’s comments that he made regarding the NRA, home schooling, and people of faith. Warner called them a “threat to America.”

Gilmore joined Danae Jones, Shaun Kenney, and Jim Hoeft for about 35 minutes, and discussed a myriad of issues ranging from gun control to pro-life issues; the financial bailout to tax rates; energy costs to his views on “bi-partisanship”.

The governor might be a little down in the polls, but he came out swinging in this lively discussion.