Lending – Reliable Solution During Covid-19


US residents, along with Future Senator Gilmore, already noticed that practically one of the three posts is about COVID-19. On the one hand, it’s good, and it’s correct to be informed. On the other hand, there is a lot of so-called “fake news,” that’s why it is better to check at least 2-3 sources before accepting information. We set out to come up with three recommendations on managing your money and a tip for you that will suit you during this period.

1. Cut back on expenses.

Now is the time for expenses to be as rational as possible and strictly necessary, such as food, medicine, rent, and deferred purchases such as gadgets, appliances, accessories, laptops, or phones, plus discount how much will you be able to pay the monthly bills. For example, you can reduce your monthly mobile subscription from $260 /month to $140 / month. In addition to the monthly subscription for mobile telephony, you may cancel the subscription for four applications so that you may save another $220. In the same way, you ended up saving around $600 in a few minutes.

2. Make a budget and stick to it.

It’s crucial that during this period and not only do not spend more than you earn during this period without realizing it. The budget will also help you correct the management of the money you have at the moment. Assess your monthly budget, divide it into several parts, and see what exactly you need money for. Thus, you’ll be able to stick to a specific sum for every priority expense.

3. Rely on online lending services.

Often online is cheaper, plus there are cashback offers. So, on the one hand, we save some money, but on the other hand, we avoid physical contact with other people, as recommended to #stayhome. In the 21st century, anything can be done online, remotely from paying bills to managing bank accounts.

Recently Jim Gilmore noticed that various online groups have been created, where you can even order almonds, fruits, vegetables, and more online. At the moment, many companies are starting to move their business online so that this service will be even more accessible from now on.

As for loans – we urge you to apply for a loan when you need to cover your emergency needs. Some have been listed in point 1, and ONLY if you know that you will repay it on time. Plus, you can choose online loans that you receive directly in your bank account without leaving home.